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Presreg has been designing and manufacturing high quality pressure and flow control equipment in the UK for over thirty years. We supply our products throughout the World working at pressures up to 700bar in some of the most arduous and critical environments known.
We are one of the few UK based companies able to offer in-house Oxygen Cleaning of all wetted parts to provide service integrity. 
Many valve types are held in stock enabling us to respond quickly to our customers' urgent supply requirements but equally important is our ability to develop bespoke solutions specifically for individual applications whilst maintaining realistic timescales. We offer HIGH PURITY or OXYGEN CLEANING in accordance with BOC Specification 399856 for compatible material options and N.A.C.E service versions are also readily available.
We are currently involved in the development of  manifold and regulator design for Hydrogen Powered Vehicles - see our NEWS section for more information..
Please look over our site and don't hesitate to call for advice on product selection.
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