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Critical to the efficient running of all gas and hydraulic installation requiring pressure control is the fitment of easily maintained and posaitive filtration.
PRESREG has a 200 Series range of filters suitable for most applications. Available in three type configurations and filtration levels from 2.5 to 60micron particle sizes these filters ensure maximum protection for pressure regulators and other debris sensitive equipment.
We are able to supply most models suitable for HIGH PURITY, or OXYGEN service & N.A.C.E compliant materials but please specify this requirement with your enquiry or when placing an order.
In-line Fiter Components
Series 200In-line, large capacity filter range. Available in either male or female configurations, 1/2" to 1-1/2" port sizes. Available in levels of filtration from 2.5 to 60micron particle size, pressures up to 414bar & various material options.
We developed the T and Y series to enable easy and rapid change of filters without removing the whole unit from the line.
Simply vent pressure on the line and unscrew the end cap. Replace the filter element, reconnect the cap and repressure system. No concerns about line connection integrity and improved time of maintenance.
HP Filter-1
Series 201Is a compact 'T' configuration filter range designed for in-line maintenance with the element being serviced or changed from the base. Available in port sizes 3/8" & 1/2", filtration levels from 5 to 40micron particle size & suitable for pressures up to 414bar. Various material options available. Alignment unions are also available for parallel thread options if & when required.
Y Type Filter

Series 202Is a large capacity 'Y' configuration filter range. Female ports in sizes 3/4" & 1" & levels of filtration between 15 & 40micron particle size. Available in various material options.



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