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About Presreg Valves

Presreg Valves has been designing and manufacturing high quality pressure and flow control equipment for liquids & gases in the UK for over 30 years. During this time we have supplied our products throughout the World for applications as diverse as well head hydraulic control panels, hospital Oxygen supply systems, gas delivery trailers, filling stataions, sea bed surveying, oxygen / medical gas distribution, airfield ground support panels, , refinery gas and hydraulic controls, diving support systems &submarine ballast control.
We have received a UK INNOVATE Technology Grant to fund a development programmes for on board and refill stations for Hydrogen Cell Powered Vehicles.
Modular Design of valve assemblies has been pioneered by Presreg ensuring minimal maintenance downtime and consistent sealing for replacement components. By utilsing interchangeable, pre-tested capsule assemblies for main valve and pressure sensing assemblies full regulator servicing can be completed without the need for removal from the pipeline and avoiding inconvenient line re-testing. No longer is it necessary to struggle with intricate parts only to find the valve still leaks! Just unscrew and replace the old module and send it back for overhaul and we'll carry out a full service, re-assemble, leak test and re-certify for return and re-stock ready for the next maintenance activity.
  0.09Cv Capsule  Sensing Capsule Assembly  o.9Cv Module  0.09 + 0.9Cv Modules
Valve component parts are manufactured on site in Loughborough from bar stock materials and all valves/capsules are individually pressure tested & certified prior to despatch. We maintain full material source traceability for materials used. Third party witness and original mill certification can be provided depending upon customer purchase instructions.
Please specify your requirements when enquiring or placing an order. In-house Design, Procurement, CNC Machine Shop, Cleaning, Assembly and Testing ensure complete control over all aspects of Quality at all stages of production.
We are able to offer specialist cleaning for HIGH PURITY or OXYGEN in accordance with BOC Specification 399856 and supply valves inN.A.C.E compliant materials.
Our aims have always been to provide clients with the correct product, on time and fit for purpose for their particular duty or application whether it is supplied from our comprehensive standard range or individually designed for their specific requirements. Many of our customers have traded continuously with us from our inception in 1982. We trust this reflects our steadfast comittment to those original performance and service objectives set out over a quarter of a century ago.
We are here to help find the best solution for your individual application wherever you are located. We supply Worldwide.
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