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Pressure Maintaining & Relief Valves

We also offer a range of UP-STREAM pressure controllers and relief valves as standard.Please refer to each individual model data sheet for more detailed performance characteristics and available operating & material options.
We are able to supply most models suitable for HIGH PURITY&OXYGEN service or Stainless Steel variants for N.A.C.E specification but please specify this requirement with your enquiry or when placing an order. 

Up-stream Pressure Controllers

Series 150 BPV
Series 150 A modular range of high pressure hand adjustable regulators incorporating interchangeable sensing & main valve options providing responsive up-stream control over a wide flow band. Pressure ranges from 0 - 700bar. 1/4", 3/8" & 1/2" port options available in various material options.



series 151 BPV-2

Series 151 Miniature, simple hand adjustable regulators for controlling pressures between0 - 17bar. Supplied 1/4" ports   with various thread options and featuring bubble tight seal back. Available in various material and adjuster versions.
series 152 BPV-1 
Series 152Hand adjustable range of high accuracy pressure controllers incorporating pilot signal bias if & when required. Pressure control ranges between 0 - 100bar & body ratings up to 300bar. Various port configurations between 3/8" & 1" & material options available.
Series 153 DL BPV
Series 153A fixed dome loading or external pilot source, high accuracy, up-stream controller range able to handle high exhaust flows with minimal over-pressure characteristic & accurate, repeatable, bubble tight re-seating. Various port configurations & sizes between 1/2" & 2" can be specified. Material options suitable for most applications & pressure ranges up to 414bar are available. Body rating up to 500bar.

Pressure Relief Valves - the following shows our standard 300 series and we can provide bespoke solutions whenn requested.

series 300 RV-1
Series 300A range of small / medium flow, direct acting, soft seat pressure relief valves. Exhausting to atmosphere with good discharge & re-seating characteristics. Pressure ranges up to 70bar in various port configurations & sizes up to 1/2". Body rating 140bar.
series 310 RV-1
Series 310A large capacity range of direct acting soft seat relief valves. Designed for accurate repeatable set pressure blow-off & bubble tight re-seat in sizes 1" / 1-1/4" & 1-1/2" / 2" 'T' & 'L' port configurations. Blow-off settings up to 160bar & body ratings up to 300bar.


 Please call if you require advice on product selection.  
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