Hydrogen Storage

Hydrogen storage is a key enabling technology for the advancement of zero carbon hydrogen and fuel cell technologies in applications including stationary power, portable power, and transportation.

Hydrogen has the highest energy per mass of any fuel, however, its low ambient temperature density results in a low energy per unit volume, therefore requiring the development of advanced storage methods that have potential for higher energy density. To be competitive with conventional vehicles, hydrogen-powered cars must be able to travel more than 300 miles between fills. This is a challenging goal because hydrogen has physical characteristics that make it difficult to store in large quantities without taking up a significant amount of space. Hydrogen has a very high energy content by weight (about three times more than gasoline), but it has a very low energy content by volume (liquid hydrogen is about four times less than gasoline). This makes hydrogen a challenge to store, particularly within the size and weight constraints of a vehicle.

H2 Technology – Hydrogen Regulators

Hydrogen regulators are currently marketed by Presreg Valves under the H2 Technology brand name and have been sold for over thirty years.

Hydrogen regulators are used on cars, buses, trains, marine engines and standby generators. We are also looking at low orbiting satellite applications. They are available up to 700 Bar working pressure. This experience has led to the innovation of specific regulators and manifold sets for automotive and other vehicle mounted applications. The industry norm is currently operating at 350Bar and requirements for 700Bar devices are appearing internationally.

H2 Technology products have less components, weigh considerably less than existing products in the market and are therefore more cost effective.

They are produced entirely in the UK and able to be supplied to international markets requiring this new technology.

The 703 Series of Regulator are EC79 Type Approved to 700 Bar – this was achieved through Holland based KIWA and Conformity Of Production certified by RDW. Patent Application has been put in place.

Presreg Valves has a history, since 1982, of developing and producing high pressure gas and hydraulic regulators and associated components for off shore and on shore oil and gas industry applications. It also provides these products to submarines, decompression chambers, industrial control panels, test beds and gas storage and supply facilities.

Approved by BOC РLinde  for production of regulators and filtration products especially for high cleanliness medical Oxygen applications it has shown its capability to produce to very exacting and safe requirements. A full range of non toxic and toxic media are within the scope of the products.

Hydrogen Storage for Cars
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Hydrogen Regulator
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