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About us

All of the components that go into our products are manufactured on site, with the exception of springs and seals which are sourced from trusted UK and European suppliers, . Having in-house production facilities ensures we can offer the highest quality products and enables us to provide short leads times, and the capability to offer bespoke solutions if required.

All products are individually leak and pressure tested and certified prior to dispatch. We maintain full material source traceability for materials used and we are an ISO 9001:2015 accredited company.

Component machining on-site

Presreg Valves design and manufacture pressure and flow control equipment.

Based in Leicestershire, UK, we have been operating since 1982 and have a product range that offers regulators, filters and valves suitable for use with liquid or gas at medium and high pressures.

We supply products throughout the world for a wide variety of applications, including:  Hydraulic well-head control, compressed air systems, hospital oxygen supply systems, gas delivery trailers, CNG filling stations, laboratory instrumentation, diving support systems and even submarine ballast control!

Our customers include: BOC /Linde, Air Liquide, Shell, Tyco, Rolls Royce, CMB, Ulemco and others.

Component machining on-site

PRESREG Valves has extensive experience supplying products for high pressure Oxygen and Hydrogen service and can offer specialist cleaning to BOC / Linde specification 5100080.

Our experience of working with Hydrogen led us to starting our sister company – H2 Technology.

Under the H2 Technology banner, we have developed a range of products aimed at servicing the rapidly growing 350 bar and 700 bar Hydrogen fuel market.

This includes our 703 series pressure regulator, which utilises an innovative and unique design to create a small, lightweight and reliable device that was the first of its kind in the UK to be granted EC79 type approval for use on road going vehicles!  This product has been awarded a UK patent. 

Additional products include a range of regulators, relief valves, filters and stop valves for both 350 bar and 700 bar systems.

We have a proven track record of working with customers to develop solutions for bespoke applications, ranging from custom high capacity regulators used on large industrial plant, down to bespoke equipment for personal mobility devices.

All H2 technology products are also listed on this website, but for more information on our Hydrogen specific products, please visit the H2 technology website on the link below:


Latest new stories

Dec '23

New website goes live.

Our website, PRESREG has been completely redesigned from the ground up. 

This work has been completed in-house by our skilled office staff, giving us full control over the ability to make changes and apply updates.

Nov '23

2 new products added to the range

We are proud to announce the addition of 3 new products to our PRESREG Valves product range. 

The 111 series - a diaphragm controlled regulator with a high inlet pressure, high flow and accurate low pressure outlet. 

The 311 series - an in-line configuration relief valve which helps to simplify system design and pipework.  A sinsitive and accurate relief valve which is also suitable for H2 service. 

311 series - gen info tab - ortho.JPG

Oct '23

4 new products added to the H2 technology range

We are proud to announce the addition of 4 new products to our H2 technology product range.  These have been specifically developed for hydrogen refuelling infrastructure and automotive hydrogen gas service. 


The new 207 series high capacity filter - for 350 bar or 700 bar hydrogen fuel systems

The 307 series relief valve - offers a high accuracy relief valve with different configurations available to suit different system designs. 

The 205 series filter block -This compact device contains an integrated filter element, and a choice of port configurations to assist with system design.

205 series - gen info tab - ortho.JPG
207 series - gen info tab - ortho.JPG
307 series - Gen info tab - ortho - inline.JPG

Jun '22

New Citizen twin spindle lathe added to machine shop

Citizen BNA42msy twin spindle lathe added to our machine shop - increasing our capacity to manufacture components under Ø 42.0 mm in diameter.  Complete with bar feed, this machine has allowed us to greatly increase our production and further improve on lead times and reduce costs. 

New citizen twin spindle lathe

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