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We manufacture a range of high pressure gas & hydraulic regulators, valves, filters and associated parts – panel & line mounted typically used by Shell, Tyco, BOC-Linde, Rolls Royce for medical, on shore terminal and off shore rig use including the sub-sea sectors. The product range includes filters, shut off valves, non return valves and on tank valves and manifolds.

We have EC79 approved regulators for use in vehicle motive power applications. These are also available for aerospace, marine and rail applications – applied to fuel cells, hybrids and diesel to hydrogen conversions.

Our ability to manufacture in house enables us to provide rapid response as well as special application assistance.

Working with research establishments we are able to provide accurate Hydrogen regulation from 700 Bar down to 4 Bar and meet the needs of the rapidly developing Energy Cell market.

Presreg Valves has developed its technology to engage in the rapidly expanding Hydrogen Power market. Trading under the H2 Technology brand, a range of regulators and manifolds have been designed and manufactured. Other fuel delivery components are part of the new products programme.

Initially the application is aimed at vehicle mounted Hydrogen Delivery Systems, however other areas are being considered such as Marine, Standby Power, Domestic and Industrial Heating and Power, and Aero and Low Orbit Satellite Systems.



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Innovative Hydrogen Regulators

EC79 type approved hydrogen regulators are currently marketed by Presreg Valves under the H2 Technology brand name. Presreg has been delivering high pressure control products since 1982. 

Common use currently is up to 350 Bar but the EC79 type approval covers the range up to 700 Bar working pressure. This experience has led to the innovation of specific regulators and manifold sets for automotive and other vehicle mounted applications. EC79 accreditation and Conformity Of Production approval was certified in Holland with KIWA and RDW.

 H2 Technology products have less components, weigh considerably less than existing products in the market and are therefore more cost effective.

Increasing Production of Vital Equipment for NHS with New Products also in Development

We are working with healthcare providers at the height of the Covid-19 outbreak to produce vital equipment needed for NHS hospitals.

Presreg have many years’ experience in the design and manufacture of regulators particularly in the healthcare sector where strict health and safety guidelines must be adhered to. Two key Oxygen clean products for ventilator applications were developed in three weeks to help through the Coronavirus pandemic.

Our Oxygen regulators feed the main circuits in hospitals, which then feed through to the individual ventilators. The regulators are fixed to a panel downstream from the vaporiser and reduces the pressure to 10 Bar circuit supply. 3,000 litres of oxygen can be delivered per minute through one regulator – on larger installations more can be added. The new Nightingale hospitals have been requiring 24 tonnes of oxygen every 7 hours. 

We are an approved supplier to BOC- Linde, who provide quality medical gas products and services Internationally and the regulators are supplied to them for inclusion on their panels.


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