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100 series 

High flow

Pressure reducing regulator

General info

100 Series—High flow regulator

The series 100 offers a comprehensive range of high flow, hand adjustable, downstream pressure control regulators - offering accuracy and repeatability over a wide range of outlet pressures.

Utilising diaphragm sensing for outlet pressures up to 10 bar & piston sensing for outlet pressures up to 170bar.

A choice of material options and port size options are available, with materials to suit Oxygen, Hydrogen and hydrocarbon service medias.  Specialist cleaning to BOC spec 5000810 is available for O2 service. 

Bespoke material and porting configurations can also be supplied.   Spares & service kits available.

Please contact the sales office for more information. 

Features and benefits

- Suitable for liquid or gas service

- Material of construction, outlet pressure and port size options available

- Diaphragm or piston sensing options offer fine control over a wide range of outlet pressures 

- Reliable, rugged, time proven design

- Modular construction allows easy servicing

- Material options available for controlling most medias

- The balanced main valve will ensure steady outlet pressure, even with a varying inlet pressure. 

Common applications

- General purpose regulator with various options mean this is the perfect regulator for most applications       that require a higher flow rate. 

- Commonly used in the oil and gas industry, for both liquid and gas applications. 


Panel mounting details

Maximum panel thickness:  5.0 mm


Use the tool below to identify the type of spares kit required, then contact the sales office, quoting the names of the spares kits required and the serial number of the regulator.

The sales office will then provide a spares kit part number and price.


100 Series – Available spares kits - Hover over a option below to highlight the parts supplied in the kit:


The 100 Series has a modular design, meaning many spares kits can be fitted without removing the regulators from the line.

ALWAYS refer to operating and maintenance instructions before carrying out any maintenance


Factory servicing is available on request.

Contact sales office with serial number for details and price.


Please contact the sales office if you require any additional information. 

Piston seals spares kit

Main valve sub assembly

Bearing set




Click the links below to download documents




Additional document downloads


Click on a link to download a file. 


Please contact the sales office if you require any additional information.  


General assembly drawing

List of available spares

3D STP Model

PRESREG Valves product brochure

- Use tool to generate part number

- Contact sales office with part number for a price

Ordering info

Use the tool below to generate a part number. 

Contact the sales office with part number for a price.

We are happy to offer assistance and advice on generating part numbers and advising the right regulator for the right application.  

Contact the sales office for more information.  Contact Us.

The following features are standard on all models:

-  Maximum inlet pressure:  420 bar

-  Spring loaded

-  Aluminium handwheel controlled

-  Non venting

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