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Dec '23

Nov '23

New website goes live.

Our website, has been completely redesigned from the ground up. 

This work has been completed in-house by our skilled office staff, giving us full control over the ability to make changes and apply updates.

Nov '23

3 new products added to the range

We are proud to announce the addition of 3 new products to our PRESREG Valves product range. 

The 111 series - a diaphragm controlled regulator with a high inlet pressure, high flow and accurate low pressure outlet. 

The 311 series - an in-line configuration relief valve which helps to simplify system design and pipework.  A sinsitive and accurate relief valve which is also suitable for H2 service. 

The 115 series - a general purpose high pressure regulator, utilising the most reliable design features from the rest of our range, whilst keeping the design as simple as possible to reduce the cost.  This regulator provides a very competitively priced option for a wide range of applications. 

Oct '23

4 new products added to the H2 technology range

We are proud to announce the addition of 4 new products to our H2 technology product range.  These have been specifically developed for hydrogen refuelling infrastructure and automotive hydrogen gas service. 


The new 207 series high capacity filter - for 350 bar or 700 bar hydrogen fuel systems

The 307 series relief valve - offers a high accuracy relief valve with different configurations available to suit different system designs. 

The 205 series filter block -This compact device contains an integrated filter element, and a choice of port configurations to assist with system design.

Jan '21

703 series receives EC79 certification

The 703 series pressure reducing regulator has achieved EC79 type approval certification!  Certifying our product for use in automotive applications on European roads.  

Carried out by a test house in the Netherlands, this intensive testing regime ensure that our regulator will provide reliable repeatable performance on 350 bar and 700 bar Hydrogen fuel systems.

Company blog

Hydrogen car factory moves a step closer

by John Evans | Aug 2, 2022 | Hydrogen and Fuel Cells

One of the world’s most innovative new cars could be built in the North East of Scotland if the region secures green freeport status, creating over 800 jobs.

Riversimple – the inventors of the pioneering Rasa hydrogen vehicle – is in active talks about locating a 150,000sq ft manufacturing plant in Aberdeen.

Representatives from the company will join parliamentarians and business leaders at a private business breakfast in the Palace of Westminster this morning (Wednesday) – hosted by Banff & Buchan MP David Duguid – as the region takes its Green Freeport campaign to London.

The Riversimple plant would produce over 5,000 vehicles per year. The company is currently beta testing a small fleet of Rasas, with a new car also under development for production.

The company’s founder, Hugo Spowers, believes the two-seater eco coupe is “the most energy efficient car on the planet”, and the BBC’s Top Gear has billed it as “the car which wants to save the world”.

Oxford University trained engineer and entrepreneur Mr Spowers – who was made an MBE in June – has visited the North East Scotland to scope out potential sites after being invited by Aberdeen & Grampian Chamber of Commerce.


Riversimple has since signed a letter supporting the North East Scotland Green Freeport bid, saying the tax status, together with the world-leading energy sector supply chain already based in the region, would “significantly increase” the likelihood of the company investing.

“One of the locations we are considering for the establishment of operations is the North East of Scotland,” the letter states.

“We are in discussions with regional partners about the possibility of establishing a manufacturing plant…encouraging the clustering of supply chain companies and other OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer) within the hydrogen sector.”

The Scottish and UK governments are working together to create two green freeports in Scotland by next year. The special economic zones will offer tax breaks and lower business tariffs to stimulate investment.

As many as 32,000 jobs could be supported in an £8.5billion boost to the regional economy, if the joint Aberdeen and Peterhead bid was successful.

The North East Scotland Green Freeport consortium – led by the Port of Aberdeen, Peterhead Port Authority, Aberdeen International Airport, and the region’s two local authorities – has vowed to use the designation to place the area at the heart of the global energy transition.

The Riversimple letter adds: “Aberdeen, as a leading hydrogen city, and the surrounding region is attractive to our business on account of the hydrogen initiatives already underway.

“These include the rolling out of hydrogen-powered buses and commercial vehicles operating in the city, the joint venture partnership between the city council and BP to deliver the Aberdeen Hydrogen Hub and the Acorn Hydrogen project at St Fergus.

“North East Scotland Green Freeport, with its stated aim of making the North East of Scotland the Net Zero Capital of Europe and a global pioneer of hydrogen energy, would make the region even more attractive to us, increasing significantly the likelihood of our investment into the region.”

The Rasa has a 300-mile range while emitting just water


The engineering of Riversimple cars is highly unique compared to other vehicles on the market. The hydrogen in the fuel cell goes via a proton exchange membrane, where it interacts with oxygen to generate water and electricity. The electricity is then routed to the motors located in each wheel. These motors are compact, lightweight, and provide four-wheel drive to the vehicle.

When the car stops, the kinetic energy that is commonly lost as heat gets caught as electricity. This electricity flows into a bank of supercapacitors at the front of the car as the car slows.

The Riversimple Rasa has a 300-mile range while emitting just water and delivers more than 200 mpg equivalent. It has a top speed of only 60 mph, but because of the car’s clever construction, it reaches that pace in under 10 seconds.

Increasing Production of Vital Equipment for NHS with New Products also in Development

by John Evans | Aug 8, 2020 | Uncategorized

We are working with healthcare providers at the height of the Covid-19 outbreak to produce vital equipment for NHS hospitals.

Presreg has many years of experience in the design and manufacture of regulators, particularly in the healthcare sector, where strict health and safety guidelines must be adhered to. For example, Presreg developed two critical Oxygen clean products for ventilator applications in three weeks to help through the Coronavirus pandemic.

Our Oxygen regulators feed the primary circuits in hospitals, which then feed through to the individual ventilators. The regulators are fixed to a panel downstream from the vaporiser and reduce the pressure to 10 Bar circuit supply. Three thousand litres of oxygen can be delivered per minute through one regulator, and more can be added on larger installations. The new Nightingale hospitals require 24 tonnes of oxygen every 7 hours.

We are an approved supplier to BOC- Linde, who provide quality medical gas products and services Internationally and the regulators are supplied to them for inclusion on their panels.

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