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Upstream pressure maintaining regulators

- Control valves that maintain a defined pressure upstream of its own inlet.

- Wide range of inlet pressures, outlet pressures and flow rates covered.

- Fully customisable options to suit most applications - bespoke one off solutions can be developed for customers.

- Material choices for almost any media, including: Nitrogen, Helium, water, hydraulic oil, oxygen, hydrogen and more

Pressure maintaining regulators

150 series - gen info tab - ortho.JPG

150 series

High pressure

General purpose

Pressure maintaining regulator

Inlet: 690 bar

Outlet: 483 bar

Flow rate: 0.7 Cv

Liquid service

Gas service

Spring loaded

152 series

High flow 

Low pressure

Pressure reducing regulator

152 series - Gen info tab - ortho.JPG

Inlet: 35 bar

Outlet: 35 bar

High flow: 2.5 Cv

Liquid service

Gas service

Spring loaded

153 series

High accuracy

Dome loaded

Pressure reducing regulator

Inlet: 420 bar

Image coming soon.jpg

Outlet: 420 bar

High flow: 3.0 Cv

Liquid service

Gas service

Spring loaded

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